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There have been some recent changes at BIONIC® and many people are asking how and where to get BIONIC products. 

I thought it best to explain BIONIC’s history and how we arrived where we are.  

In 2006 in my garage, I thought up BIONIC with the vision to be the strongest chew toy… ever.

With a group of really talented engineers, it took us many years to develop the first material formulas. Testing, testing and more testing.

We didn’t have product molds in those early days. The first BIONIC Bone shapes were made from a paint brush handle injection mold and came out looking like one ! (Proto Series 1100 above.)

BIONIC Leg Press Test at 395 lbs

For first round proto tests, I would go down to my local gym and load the leg press machine with a dog tooth shaped chuck. If the prototype sample made it through the first series of tests, we would then go to rescue shelters and day cares to do live destructive testing. When we were getting close, we held the “Big Bite” test which was a competition for the most destructive dogs we could find.

One day, by accident really, we found a formula that tested perfect and was better than any we had done before by a significant margin. One of the final live destructive tests was the “Duke Test”. Duke was an amazing American Pit Bull Terrier who had a very special gift. If something was whole, he felt it was his duty to make sure it was torn in parts and all over the floor in minutes. This successful BIONIC prototype was of a new material that he couldn’t destroy. Duke happily wagged his tail.

bionic material test

From the final formula, we found that during processing, the new material was forming an interlocking ‘rats nest’ tangle of molecular chains. It was good to chew, was bouncy and stretchy, and together with passing all testing protocols, preformed to bite test pressures of 450 PSI+. BIONIC Rubber® was born.

Once this final formula was discovered, BIONIC Pet Products was started with some great people and friends in 2010. In 2011, the Japanese tsunami destroyed a supplier facility that made a critical component of the BIONIC Rubber formula.

Global Pet Expo – Orlando FL

We finally were able to get going in 2012 and BIONIC was featured on Good Moring America with veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, BIONIC grew and was sold in the US and many other countries by our respected distributors and retail partners. We introduced new BIONIC products including the Toss-N-Tug and Urban Stick. Over time and by thousands of dogs using BIONIC, we discovered that even with all the research, development and testing we did, about 5% of dogs could still outsmart BIONIC Rubber. BIONIC R&D is never done and we will keep working on that last 5% !

In 2015, BIONIC was acquired by another pet group where we wanted to build a worldwide enterprise together. As sometimes in life, things didn’t go as planned with this group and we had to wait until the contract ended to create a new BIONIC future. As such, factory production was shut down (*argh*). The good news is, as of Spring 2022, we now have a clean slate to move forward.

Woo hoo ! So excited and full speed ahead !😊

Presently, there are two areas of focus for the next chapter of BIONIC:

Good Morning America – BIONIC

1. Factory Selection – selection of a factory to make BIONIC products. We are spending some extra time selecting the right factory. You only want to set up a factory once, since working with a factory is so co-dependent. Factory selection takes much effort and time… and choosing wisely the first time is critical to BIONIC future growth.

  • (2-5-23 Update: we are about 80% done with this task)
  • (3-7-23 Update: we are about 90% done with this task)
  • (4-7-23 Update: an amazing factory team has been selected. They have demonstrated extra effort in BIOINC production detail, quality and safety as well as sharing our passion of making products for Tail Wagging Durability.(7-22-23 First factory BIONIC samples complete)
  • Please see our next post for additional information regarding BIONIC 2023 retail launch.

2. BIONIC Investment – we are putting together a new amazing team and are raising investment capital to afford company infrastructure, BIONIC inventory, R&D, marketing, etc. Raising funding / capital does take time. We don’t want to do the Kickstarter or Shark Tank thing. (2-5-23 Update: we are about 75% done with the task of funding)

  • (3-7-23 Update: we are about 85% done)
  • (4-7-23 Update: 100% complete & excited to announce more about this mid-summer)

bionic bull dog

It just takes good people and raw man-hours of hard work to move forward. Like BIONIC durability, it’s not how many times you can be bitten and punched down, it’s how many times you can get up.

The last 2021 BIONIC production runs are now in my garage. We put some of these last units up on eBay for those who are in dire need. (2-5-23 update: All these units are sold out)

We are giving out some BIONIC samples sparingly in trade for images that we can use for social media posts to keep things fresh. Not many left and need some units for investor and retailer samples. (2-5-23 update: we have run out)

BIONIC Founding Team

I hope this helps you understand BIONIC… of where we have been and where we are going.

We are working hard to have BIONIC products back in stock this Winter of 2023. More launch info here.

Please join us on our continuing mission of:

Tail Wagging Durability

Remember to sign up for our Interest List to be notified when BIONIC products are back in stock.

Thank you so very much for being part of the BIONIC story and adventure!

Keith Mullin

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