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The Bone With Attitude.

The BIONIC Bone satisfies your dog’s desire to chew and stimulates their senses with thick ridges on major chew areas.  With patented defensive geometry, the BIONIC Bone has been crafted to withstand heavy chewers.



BPA FREE: Lead, BPA and phthalates have no place in dog chew toys, that’s why BIONIC chew toys are made with durable BIONIC RUBBER® and free from all the bad stuff you don’t want your dog chewing on making chew time more fun.

BONE WITH A BONUS: Bring extra excitement to chew time with its two treat pockets.  Hide your dog’s favorite treats or stuff with peanut butter for redirected chewing or helping with separation anxiety.

TOUGH TEXTURE: BIONIC ridges allow dogs to satisfy their inherent urge to chew.  The BIONIC Bone offers a texture and mouth feel that dogs love, keeping them engaged and tails wagging.

EASY TO CLEAN: Just place the BIONIC Bone in the top rack of your dishwasher to keep this chew toy clean.

BRIGHT BONE: The BIONIC Bone floats and is also colored BIONIC Orange which is easy to spot, no matter where you and your dog adventure together.

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