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  1. Select & Contract with BIONIC Factory
  2. 2023 BIONIC CAD Product Designs
  3. Fabricate Production Molds
  4. Unit & Case Packaging Design
  5. 2023v BIONIC RUBBER Engineering & Testing
  6. BIONIC Production Run
  7. Ocean Shipping to Distribution Centers
  8. DC Shipping and Retail Launch

Status as of 10-16-23

  1. 100% Complete
  2. 100% Complete
  3. 100% Complete
  4. 100% Complete
  5. 100% Complete
  6. 100% Complete
  7. 25% Complete
  8. 0% Complete

We wanted to post our plans to have BIONIC re-stocked, back at retail locations and available.

Thank you for the passionate comments and motivation!

BIONIC investment and factory partnerships have been completed per #1 & #2 of blogg post of Sept. 3rd, 2022. The new team at BIONIC is now proceeding double-time with next steps to have BIONIC ready and shipped to retail locations for you and your dog.

Below is a topline listing of BIONIC development activities. Please note that given the world’s current events, these dates are estimated. We will do our best to meet this schedule without compromising BIONIC durability, quality, or safety.

We will update this schedule as BIONIC proceeds forward to retail launch. Tail wagging durability will be here before you know it !

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