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Meet our extraordinary BIONIC Testing Team, a group of highly skilled and playful dogs dedicated to putting BIONIC through live destructive tests.  Our BIONIC Testing Team consists of a diverse pack of dogs, each with their unique personalities and talents. From an energetic German Shepherd to an agile Border Collie, these chew experts are always eager to test and push the boundaries of what they can or can’t destroy.

Live testing is just one of the many testing steps that BIONIC performs while developing new toys for your dog.

*Sniff *Sniff

... that's "Hi ! What's your name?" in dog.


German Shorthaired Pointer


Great Pyrenees


German Shepherd


Chihuahua Corgi Mix


German Shepherd


Doberman Shepard Mix

Learn more of how it all started: About BIONIC

Dog Pack Testing

Since the beginning, BIONIC rigorously tests products in rescue shelters and day cares around the US. With BIONIC being tested in heavy use  environments, we learn about object possession in relation to durability and pack mentality.

Beyond The Science

BIONIC RUBBER® is a safe substitute for natural objects that dogs have been happily chewing on for thousands of years. Together with being made of FDA Food Grade ingredients, BIONIC RUBBER is practical ... it floats, is dishwasher safe and brightly colored for easy visibility.

Top 5%

From thousands of BIONIC products used around the world, we have found that less than 5% of dogs can find a way to outsmart our BIONIC RUBBER®. If your dog is in this top percentage, please consider applying to the BIONIC Testing Team.

Pro Tip

Extend healthy chew time by filling the ends of a BIONIC Urban Stick or Bone peanut butter and freeze. Yummy !

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